Best Web Hosting Companies in Ghana

Best Web Hosting Companies in Ghana

Web hosting companies in Ghana have increased from 2009 to date. More companies have sprung up for the past 10 years, both good and bad. As the competition continues to grow, there are still those with issues and those that are doing very well. Stay glued as we bring to you the best web hosting companies in Ghana.

This assessment is based on a number of factors. Some of these are speed, uptime or reliability, cost, company experience and technical support, support timeliness, and quality, free domain names, disk, and bandwidth allocation, and many more.

There is a lot that is involved in a web hosting business that may overwhelm a newbie. We want to give you the major ones that you need for now. Later on, when you gain more experience, you can delve much deeper.

List of the Best Web Hosting Companies in Ghana

Below is a list of the best web hosting companies in Ghana:

  1. Ovation Hall: Ovation Hall has been in business for the past few years, but promises to become a leading innovator when it comes to web hosting. Most people have written good reviews about how quality their support is. Looking at the features, they have got all you need to start a web hosting account. Speed is also on point so long as you use a caching plugin for your WordPress sites.
  2. Stormerhost: Stormerhost is also one of the best competing companies with good reviews. We do not want to mention the hosting packages here because they can change at any time. Unlike Ovation Hall which uses SSD drives, Stormerhost uses HDD for its servers, but they still are able to have good server performance in terms of speed.
  3. Nakroteck: Nakroteck has been noted for uptime and speed. Currently, there has been a slight reduction in speed due to an influx of accounts. Aside from that, they also provide SSD drives for their clients. For support, I will give them 7/10.
  4. Dtech Ghana: Dtech Ghana has been one of the oldest web hosting companies in Ghana. Checking from their whois data, they registered their domain in 2009 as against Ultrahost Ghana which was registered in 2011. Been one of the oldest means that they have a lot of experience in web hosting and server management. They have servers in Ghana apart from rented servers abroad.
  5. Ultra Host Ghana: has more customers than most of the companies due to their earlier search engine ranking that boosted their business. They also use HDD instead of Solid State Drives. They have provided one of the cheapest hosting packages in Ghana.
  6. Web 4 Africa: Web 4 Africa is one of the oldest web hosting companies in Africa and Ghana as a whole. Checking from their whois data, their domain was registered way back 2004. They sell shared hosting packages, WordPress and Virtual Private Servers, commonly known as VPS.

Web hosting features to look out for

In this current age and competitive web hosting space, it is ideal to see almost all the web hosting companies provide all the features you need. The most important features to look out for in every web hosting company are:

Speed: Go for SSD servers. They are much faster. Most times, you need to try before you can know. Also note that your website files, scripts, size, and pictures play an important role in the speed of your website. It is not always about the hosting server. Please contact us for more education on this.

Reliability: Like I usually say, you never know until you have tried. You can never know a server’s reliability or uptime until you have tried it.

Free SSL Certificates: These days, almost all web hosting companies in Ghana are giving out free SSL certificates – they have to. This is because security is a very important issue when it comes to websites. If a company does not provide one, and you are not ready to purchase your own SSL certificate, please look somewhere else. Find out what an SSL certificate is here.

Free Domain Names: You can always buy your domain name and add it to your web hosting package. Most companies now offer it for free; some for the first year only, others for life. This is not too necessary so long as you can afford the cost of one.

WordPress and Other Applications: All web hosting companies in Ghana have WordPress installers. I have tried most of them. Apart from that, they also have applications such as Joomla, Drupal, etc. Don’t spend an extra dime on buying a WordPress hosting when shared hosting accounts all have WordPress installers on them. Ovation Hall’s control panel has very secured and easy to use WordPress installers. So does Nakroteck.

The Control Panels used: There are two major control panel software for managing websites globally. These are the old and popular cPanel, and the new and mobile-friendly Plesk panel. ovation Hall offers both as options that you can choose from. Nakroteck offers Plesk. Ultrahost offers cPanel, Dtech I heard recently was moving to Plesk. Whichever one is easy for you to use, you can choose based on which company offers it.

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For more questions regarding web hosting in Ghana, please use the comment box below to ask your questions. We would love to hear from you. Let us help you to make the right choice.

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